sighing takes lung capacity

It’s been a long sigh, old friend.

You’re probably wondering what I’ve been up to. Well, for one, I’ve found that other peoples’ happiness is really quite lovely. I’m so glad my friends are getting married. Now if they could just stay that way, and without the rugrats. No no, I’m kidding. They can be separate things, though. Enough of that. No lectures from me. I love kiddos. I also love freedom. Hey!

It’s been perfect skate weather, and I haven’t even annoyed my neighbors lately. It’s a very sad fact that I’d like to change. Maybe I’ll head out tonight, before the rain comes. Maybe tomorrow. Summer classes started today, as did the usual screw-over with student bills and things of that sort. It goes with the learning. Balance, and such.

My new favorite song has this title:
The Unwinding Cable Car
Followed closely by:
There Is No Mathematics To Love And Loss (I just like the lengthy-ness of the title)

Both are by Anberlin. A favorite band of mine. They like to write a bunch of words and then make them fit into great melodies that are supported ever so delicately with walls of ethereal lead lines and harmonious harmonies. See what I did right there? I was redundant. Sorry. It just came out that way.


One thought on “sighing takes lung capacity

  1. Zoobey

    I heard you hacked your arm off in a chainsaw accident or something. Hope it reattaches without the intervention of duct tape. Bless ya!


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