Never Forget

Creating is what I’m made for.  It’s what we all are made for.  I have a constant yearning to do this, and anything else pales in comparison.  I don’t want my life to feel stagnant, and I don’t want to ignore my calling in this life.  Knowing this, and owning it, I am taking control and devoting this chapter in my life to creating.  To answering that call, acknowledging the deep yearning I feel to write and create, and going for it head strong.  Being the person I long to be.  It’s easy to say, much harder to do.  On this cold May day, I feel like curling into myself and sleeping a long sleep, waking when life is easier.  But instead, I’m going to perform life.  I’m going to set goals, and live up to my own vision of myself.  My first goal is to write everyday, whether it is through blogging, writing my book, or writing music.  My second goal is to finish my first book and publish it by the end of the summer.


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