The Little Moments

A good friend mentioned to me today that she has been having a lot of little moments, where you relish the good things in life, and have this overwhelming feeling of being content.  She said it makes her more relaxed.  I thought I’d share one of these moments I had recently, and reflect on it a bit, since I could use a little relaxation these days.

Jon and I had gone on a road trip recently, about half a day’s drive.  We were so tired that by the time we got to the in-laws to pick up E, it was late and we had been on the road and neither of us could barely keep our eyes open.  We still had an hour drive home, and had to stop and get C and the dogs at my mom’s, get home and get the kids back to bed, and unload the car.  That feeling of having so much to do when you are so tired….it’s not a good feeling.  On the interstate, Jon and I sat in the glow of the radio light and had tidbits of quiet conversation, and little E sat in his carseat, where he usually sleeps, and quietly babbled and readjusted, restless and uncomfortable.  Being jolted awake from a dead sleep can make it very hard to get back to sleep again.  So I leaned back from the passenger seat and held his hand.  And he held mine.  I felt his little body slowly relax, and the feeling of that tiny warm hand completely enclosed by my hand was overwhelming.  My heart grew that day.  The grinch has nothing on a parent, who’s heart swells every time their baby makes strong eye contact, every time their child says I love you too or gives hugs and kisses freely, and every time their son, who unlike his sister loves to be reassured by touch, holds on long after your back starts cramping and the seat belt is digging into your hip. It is an amazing thing, and I am so grateful for just that little thing.


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