Waiting in Wonder

Every day I am growing in my desire to serve him with these skills he has gifted me with.  I don’t know yet what He has in store for me, or for my family.  So here we are, in our messy nest of greys, our hearts resting in Him, and we are looking for our adventure.  Perhaps we are already on it, perhaps He has something for us here.  Maybe it’s for while we wait, maybe we are to go tomorrow.  Or maybe in five years.  Maybe for two weeks, maybe for a lifetime.  We are starting to feel a nudge, to see some evidence of God tugging our hearts.  I know what I want to do, to serve…I just have no clue how or when or through who….so I wait for opportunities.

I love this spot I am in right now.  Of waiting.  Somedays….actually most days, I hate it.  But today, I am sitting here, at my computer.  The kids just went down, and it is quiet.  I don’t get to sit here much, especially before the night falls.  There’s a huge picture window behind my computer.  In our yard, there is an ancient tree that stretches toward the sky with its arms reaching for every last bit of light the day has left.  I can see the most beautiful light from here.  Through the trees the sky is pastel blue, with just a couple of tiny, delicate clouds that look like webs in the sky.  The sun sets to my left and the leaves are dappled with a golden glow, and it mixes with the shadows…drama for my soul to feast on.  Were we created to feel this awe for nature?  Or did God create a natural world full of wonder because he knew we would love it?  There’s is nothing like taking a moment, and just seeing what is before you.  Today I can wait.  Today I can breathe.  Today I will see God all around me, and be thankful.


One thought on “Waiting in Wonder

  1. Larka

    Love this! Sharing vision at EDGE tonight and our discussion will be on patience. I might just have to share this – part of patience is being present I think – waiting with hope and enjoying what is right before us.


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