Why is it that every time I am excited for a run, I stub my toe so badly that I think it could be broken?  This happens a lot.  Ouch, ouch, ouch…I think.  That hurts on both a physical and a metaphorical level.

Sabotage.  My own body is out to get me.  Also, I tend to do this to myself.  In different aspects of life.  I haven’t felt the desire to run as much lately….probably because it’s like beyond hot outside.  Like…Africa hot.  I hate the heat, and even more so I want to kill all the humidities.  Kill the water vapor.  Make it die.  Slow to a stop and leave me alone.

Yeah….my point is I am not that motivated to step outside and instantly be drenched before I even start working out.  Tomorrow I am running around 9:30am with a friend.  Usually I go really early to beat the heat and start my day with the run, but lately, that is never.  Because it is hot all night long, the lows never get lower than 73 F and I just sit here in a daze and endure it until September.  Or October.   And I digress from digressing…..

I need to work on my runner’s attitude.  I think runners are usually all like, “yeah, I just ran in -20 degree F weather and I was all like, yeah this is awesome.”  They run in anything, and get some sort of sick and twisted joy out of it.

I do get something awesome out of running.  I have these moments where I feel so in community with the other people out exercising and nature just loves me.  It’s pretty kickin’.  Also I listen to music, so that becomes some sort of trippy experience.  Which I love.

(and I think that is the real secret about running….you get high AND healthy at the same time…thank you God)

I’m not sure where I was going with this post.  I just wanted to write something because I stubbed my toe and it really really hurt.


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