It happened again. I swear I’m not this lame usually.

I totally sprained my ankle again yesterday.  I am such a klutz.  I was just getting into running again, and BAM.  I think I need new shoes or something.  This time I was holding my son and misstepped off of the front porch, a cement step down.  It hurt.  So I won’t be running for awhile, and am already feeling the restlessness set in.  Last time it took two months to heal and I ran the 5k MudRun on it even though it wasn’t totally better.  And I think it helped it get stronger, running on it.  But it also hurt.  So I guess I’m in the waiting game.  I was totally looking forward to a zombie run too.  😦  Probably won’t be able to do that.  On another note, I am going to do the Whole30 program’s 30 day challenge.  Looking forward to that!  I’m finding that unless I am challenging myself and telling people about it who can keep me accountable, I totally and epically fail consistently.  So I’m telling the internet.  I’m writing about that at Forgetti Spaghetti so head over there for more details because I’m not going to talk about it much here.  This is my special place, where I get weird and poetic and long-winded.  


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