Fickle Autumn

The air has grown thin.  The sky is so blue, the sun is shining, but it doesn’t thaw the parts of me that are frozen to the core.  This time of year always makes me pensive.  On warmer days, I could sit in the sun amongst the leaves and let my surroundings soak into my skin for hours.  Days like today, however, freeze me.  Remind me that autumn is just a fleeting idea, a stepping stone to winter’s deadly grasp.  Soon all the leaves will have fallen, the wind will work its way through every layer worn, and the world will turn in to itself and hibernate.  I wish I could sleep through winter.  But it is only October, and the sun is shining and, despite how cold it feels to me today, something much worse is on its way.  The sun is like a lover, she burned too hot, and now she’s turned a cold shoulder and she is leaving.  I can feel it happening, but I am powerless to stop it.  So I will choose to delight in the sun, the fact that I can still bare my skin and feel her warmth, even if it feels farther than it did even a week ago.  She’s still with me, for now, and every moment counts.


3 thoughts on “Fickle Autumn

  1. happyflowerwordzoo002

    Enjoyed description of a season which also makes me feel more pensive and just a little bit apprehensive. As I age, I dread the chilling cold more so, like you enjoy warmth of sun although she grows distant. So like the line: a stepping stone to winter’s deadly grasp. Thank you for post.

      1. Kelley

        Loved your descriptions! Lover sun will indeed go away, but every season has its own its own way of wooing. As winter waltzes in and tries to catch us unaware, choosing lens of gratitude will bring into focus he wonder that’s there…even when the harsh north wind howls and grabs at our bones. Icicles hanging from the eaves, frosty sparkles on blades of grass, hot chocolate, a dancing, crackling fire to cheer and warm, and a black velvet sky studded with cold white diamonds—winter;s cold lips pressed to mine..

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