It’s like Simon says, only so much better…

Something so super simple and yet so profound has been hitting me for a little while now. Stick with me here….because it seems so obvious at first, but it is seriously so awesome.

Jesus lived a pure and blameless life. He did a lot of astounding things, and a lot of regular things too. He prayed so fervently he bled, performed miracles, captivated thousands as He spoke words of truth, lived the first 30 years of his life as a carpenter, and took the sins of the entire world for all of time upon his shoulders, was tortured almost beyond recognition, died a horrible death, and was redeemed, and there is so much more that we don’t even know.

In all of the things that I read in the Bible about Jesus, I’ve always had this thought in the back of my head, “well this is basically God speaking or doing these things.” Which is true. But that led me to think that those things were outside of my capabilities. It led me to think that Jesus was so unlike me, and there was a wide gap, a vast separation in my relationship with him because of it.

The thing that I never really understood was the whole idea that Jesus was 100% God and 100% man. I’ve heard it a million times, but what does that even mean? Well, this is what I am starting to understand now. Everything he did was both 100% God and 100% man. Jesus was a man, and lived a life in a flesh body. He had a brain like us and struggled with everything we do, and so much more. And yet, everything He did was what God wanted. He lived in complete communion with God. Everything He did, He did with the approval of God the Father and the power of the Spirit, and it is so amazing. This is how we are supposed to live! If we are called to be Christ-like, as a Christian, we should aspire to this. This is the completed work…that everything we do, say, pray is all in surrender. That we can achieve this, or that God can achieve this through us, is amazing. That we can die to the flesh, and live our lives in the Spirit is so freeing. We aren’t condemned anymore. And the best thing about it all? God cares about every single one of us. Not one human being is insignificant in all of history to Him. God is good, and He loves. Wow. So this song I heard yesterday really impacted me because of this thought process I’ve been going through.

“Where You Go I Go” (Kim Walker)

Where you go I go
What you say I say
What you pray I pray
(repeat 2x)

Jesus only did, What he saw you do
He would only say, What he heard you speak
He would only move, When he felt you lead
Following your heart, Following your spirit

How could I expect to walk without you
When every move that Jesus made was in surrender
I would not begin to live without you
For you alone are worthy you are always good

You are always good
You are always good
Always good
Always good

Though the world seems to soon forget
We will not forget
Who you are and what you’ve done for us

You are my God

To add to it all, I find myself fearing the move to Oregon. And then I come across this song, and I’m just like, how could I fear what I know is from God? Because I know it will be good, that God will bless us for obeying Him, and taking a risk like this is exactly what my soul has been craving all of my life. I want the adventure, I was made for it. I want a life led totally on fire, I want my heart on fire, and I want everyone to know it. I will not forget who my God is, or what an impact I can have on the world if I just let Him move in me, and leave my heart open to Him. He wants me. And I want Him. My life the past year, and the reason we are where we are right now has been completely, without a doubt, about the wholehearted move from being a humble servant to an intimate friend. God is so good. Always.


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