Ellen Grey Carter

God’s Promises

I feel so beaten down, but not beaten.  Battered, but not broken.  I’ve taken hits from all sides, our family has been barraged with every kind of disaster, but God still wins, and we are still faithful.  We know the value of faithfulness.  It’s just so hard sometimes.  But why?  God is our source for everything.  He has always provided for us, has always proven faithful.  And the more faith we have, the more we see Him working in our lives, and the more blessings are poured out on us.  The more we sow, the more we reap.

The topper is money.  The constant struggle with money.  I saw something happening before it actually happened, and I let myself get excited.  I was all like, YAY God!  Finally we can start this moving process and get to Oregon!  We can DO something!  But now we aren’t sure of our funding, and it is very discouraging.  While I’m not sure what will happen, the uncertainty is making me feel like I’m standing on unsure ground.  And that’s not where I really am.  Or where I ever want to be.  It’s dumb, but what I know and what I feel are competing right now.  I feel the war within myself.

Feelings.  Emotions.  They can be so useful.  So wonderful.

And they can be used against you, too.

Hello self!  God is faithful, God has always been faithful.  He fulfills promises.  He is the definition of promise.

Ellen Grey Carter


He defines promise, because His son fulfilled the ultimate promise.  God has proven faithful time and time again, both in record and in experience.  The only reason that word has any power behind it is because of His faithfulness.  People fail constantly, it is part of our nature.  We cannot be perfect.  We are the ultimate failures.  But with God, we can accomplish.  We can succeed.  We can live in His promises.

That’s where I’m going.  That’s why this matters, why it means so much.

God is good.  God is love.  And God is promise.


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