The Massive Leap

Sometimes it is hard to remember that when I have learned something, everyone around me hasn’t.  I assume that because I have grown in a certain area, others already have been there, and know what I now know.  It’s hard to remember, but it’s so important when you learn certain truths.  Things about God, or nutrition and health, or anything that is beneficial to our lives. Assumptions aren’t good; remembering where you have been and recognizing a teachable spirit in others that are still there allows you to assist them in bridging the gap.  For me, I needed that in the teachers I came across in the last couple of years.  It’s so so important to be aware of those around us!

What’s up with me?  The past few months I have grown so much spiritually.  I realize now that I grew up in a typical American church, one that never confronted anything in my life.  I never felt convicted and the foundation that was put down was flimsy and shifty.  The foundation of faith is crucial when we become adults so we don’t lose our faith.  I barely hung on to it.  I had great friends, and that made all the difference.  Even when I wasn’t sure what I believed or who God was and doubt plagued me, I held on.

When God started moving in my life, I resisted.  He wanted to take me outside of my comfort zone, and looking back I can see that years passed before I finally listened.  I had opportunities to enter the next stage of my spiritual journey, that there were doors all over that were opening, but I wasn’t ready.  People that were living in the Spirit and totally unabashed about it made me uncomfortable.

Then one day we went to church with my in-laws, and the pastor there was a family friend and had also been the pastor JD and I had when were dating.  He did our marriage counseling before we got married.  But his preaching was completely different than we remembered.  Because he was a different man, and he was preaching without restraint.

I resisted again.  He was preaching spiritual truths, really very basic stuff, but so very powerful.  Straight from the Word, and from the Holy Spirit.  I didn’t want to go to church there, but God told JD, “Here.”  We knew that we were supposed to be there, but I still tried to figure out ways around it.  I thought we were going to be in Omaha for awhile, and so we needed to find a church in Omaha that we could have a church family with.  One that we could get involved in and that wasn’t 40 miles away.  God knows what He’s doing, though.

We continued to go there, despite my weak protests.  And then, slowly (but maybe not really that slow) we realized why.  It was like a massive feast, and we were starving wolves, devouring everything.  Absorbing everything.  We learned about sowing and reaping, living in the Spirit vs. living in the flesh, and that we are soldiers for Christ in a spiritual war that begins in our minds.  We learned about transformation, and we are being transformed.  We realized where and why we had failed in life, and that God always showed up when we turned to Him.  But the minute things would get better, we would try to do things on our own again.  We also saw that our little tiny seeds of faith we were sowing and recognizing as seeds of faith were beginning to multiply.  Our faith was growing, and in that, we were able to step out and sow bigger seeds.  More seeds.

Now, I feel so brand new.  I feel like perhaps I am naive and foolish, but at the same time, I cling to my God and His promises and direction.  I don’t know if I’m doing everything right, but I do know that if I keep my eyes on Him and renew myself every morning, I won’t stray from His path.  If I ask for wisdom, I will get it.  That is promised.

So this is us:

In that moment, when Indiana Jones is clutching his chest, and then he puts his leg clear out, and steps down…wow.  He doesn’t just tap the air with his foot in a testing way.  It’s all or nothing.  If there isn’t a path there, he will fall to his death.  JD and I are stepping out, right now.  We are in that moment of having the leg out, leaning toward the chasm, sure of our faith and ready to walk on the path that we can’t see but trust is there.

Oregon seems far, but it’s just another place.  It isn’t the place that matters, it’s God.  It’s obedience and faith.  We have been transformed, and now it’s time for us to transform the church, and the community there.  It seems like it would be scary, but we have taken that breath and we are so sure of God and His goodness and faithfulness to us as our provider and father that we know we are in His hands.

JD has gotten a full-time job in his field, one that can mostly support us.  I am looking for something as well to do part-time to supplement.  We are still waiting on provision, especially to get established, knowing that it will come.  The kids in the church are so excited to have us there, to finally have a youth group and have JD equipping them to be leaders, and JD has a vision forming.  We are almost there, but still waiting.

If you’re reading this, we need all the support we can get.  If you have a minute, please pray in the Spirit for us, for our journey, for the home we know God is preparing for us, and for the income we need.

I almost can’t believe it, that this is happening.  Despite all of the opposition we face from the enemy, our faith grows stronger every day.  Thank you for your prayers and for reading.  My prayer is that God blesses you abundantly and that nothing stands between Him and your heart.

As Ever,



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