My Garden

Well.  Here we are.  We made it!  We’ve moved from Nebraska, we’ve found a house and gotten a tad settled in, and we are ministering.  Doing what we could barely imagine just a couple months ago.  We didn’t have the internet for a long time, and we are now just getting settled in Brookings, actually in the town where the church is.  With internet (sigh of relief).

I won’t go a lot into what’s been going on in our lives and our ministry in this post, because I have a different topic in mind, but I will soon.  And our e-newsletter will be going out soon as well!

Every place Jon and I have lived, we have had some sort of garden.  It’s always been important to me, something in my dna, from my farming childhood and my Gramma who always desired to grow things, until the very end.  That stuff doesn’t leave you, it gets ingrained into the fibers of your cells.  It’s just a must.  Jon caught the bug, and the desire grows every year to have our own garden.  So much so, that someday, we want enough land to grow almost all of our own food.  Again, a topic for another day.

Today, I thought I’d share a little about how awesome God is.

He cares about these things, these desires that He gave us.  To create, to grow life from a dormant seed, to provide sustenance.  It’s something He knew about us, and even though we didn’t ask, He provided us with what we need to grow our own garden.  In a place that has one of the trickiest growing climates in the nation, even.

He gave us a greenhouse!

But the greenhouse needs a lot of work.  So I set out to see if it was even salvageable.  While we get some really good summer sun at the front of the house, it’s also exposed to salty sea wind, which can be bad for the plants like peppers and tomatoes that need that sun.  So our only other option is to grow in the greenhouse.

First I checked to see if it would even clean up.  A little dish soap and warm water and scrub scrub scrub and WA-LA!



The top portion is what I scrubbed, what had previously looked like the bottom.  A lot of the sides are black, and the top needs a good cleaning too.  Times like this, I wish I had a power washer, but that might be too much for the flimsy sides anyway.


This side has a lot growing in between the shed and the greenhouse….raspberries maybe?  Not sure.  But I’ll find out soon….


You can see where I scrubbed.  Gonna take awhile, but luckily I had some volunteers from the youth group that want to come help!  So we’ll get it cleaned up in no time.


Here’s the inside.  There are two vents at the top for venting out the greenhouse gasses.  The framework seems sturdy enough, made of aluminum.  There are some awesome shelves on each side, which is great because anything growing on the ground probably wouldn’t get enough light, even in the greenhouse.  It gets the most direct sunlight late morning to early afternoon, until the sun dips behind the house and heads toward the ocean.  The greenhouse is really protected from wind, though, which is great.  There’s a potting station, some old palates, which can be used for anything, and a lower trough in the back.  That’s where we are going to stick a pepper and a tomato and see what happens.  It’s a little late in the year, but we want to try.  Next month we will start to seed inside and in the greenhouse.




There is no door, which I’m thinking is kind of an issue.  Not sure what to do about that.  I don’t know if it can be made out of anything, or how tightly it needs to fit to get the right effect inside.  Especially if we choose to use it all winter.  Which, duh.  Yes we will.


Every once in awhile, I’ll document where we are at with our gardening process.  We have some long planters in the front that we might put some lettuce or kale in, along with any herbs that can grow in the shade and some flowers.  We are really trying to figure out how to keep pests away by planting plant BFF’s near each other.  Basically, certain herbs and flowers keep rabbits and bugs away from plants they would normally feast on.  More on that later.

So as you can see, we are functioning, and we are doing well!  God is taking care of us, and we are amazed at His provision at every turn.  He is so good, and it is so humbling to be in active ministry!  We love it.

And we thank you all for your prayers.  We know there is a ton of support out there, and we are so grateful to have it, and we pray for you as well!


The Dommels

(ps-we are working on a website where you can get updates from Jon’s ministry, our family, our garden, and lots of other stuff too!)


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