Coming along…

The garden is coming along.  Some things have surprised me, but at the same time, I feel like I am out of my league a bit!



You can see how much we did…..and how much is left.  We scrubbed till our arms were noodles, and this was the best result we could get.  We aren’t sure how to get the roof finished.





We cleaned it up the best we could, spending an entire day with the kids helping as well.  We scrubbed the front, back, south side, and as much as we could reach of the roof while standing on cinder blocks.  Even though there’s more to do, the greenhouse definitely gets enough sun to produce the correct effect, and the plants inside get a nice dose of greenhouse gasses on sunny days.




And yes I am a photographer…although it seems this day I couldn’t take a straight picture to save my life.  I’d blame the iPhone, but I’m sure it was all me.




We planted in the trough first.  Two small sweet peppers and a Hungarian hot wax pepper that we got from the Saturday port farmer’s market.  Then we planted a tomato plant on the left, which we got at the Wednesday grange farmer’s market.




The peppers seemed to have a few flowers on them, but most of them fell off.  Not sure if the culprit was from a critter, bugs, soil, or what.  But we do have one pepper growing on each plant so I’m thankful for that.


We also planted along the front of the house.  We don’t have many places to plant outside.  Next year we hope to have raised beds along the front of the house that gets a lot of sun and where it will be easy to cover (seems like that’s what people do here a lot) but that’s next year.  In the front we planted a couple lettuce plants, chives, a small pepper (it was an unknown plant given to us, I think it’s a pepper) and red rosie basil.




I’ll update again soon, as we are planting like crazy right now!


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